Friday, May 2, 2008

Bridewell Prison

A screenshot from my own google map version of New Labor History sites (intended to compliment and enhance Tamiment's work in progress. This location near City Hall Park's western edge on Broadway. The text:

In 1775, a debtors' jail was erected on the ground of City Hall. Half a century later, the Working Man's Party successfully fought for the elimination of debt as a crime.Work on a new and larger debtors prison or workhouse known as Bridewell, designed by Theophilus Hardenbrook, is begun, also in New York City Hall Park but nearer Broadway. The War for Independence interrupts construction of the two-story, dark gray stone building. During British occupation of the city both its City Hall Park prisons, old and new, are pressed into service to hold American POWs. Under the British Provost Marshal Cunningham, the older prison came to be called the Provost.

from the nypl digital collection


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